Best Personal Trainers Fort Lauderdale Boca Raton

Best Personal Trainers in Fort Lauderdale & Boca Raton

Each area has fitness trainers whose service is in extremely high demand due to their qualifications and ability to

Best Personal Trainers

provide lasting results for their clients. It’s undeniable that working with a trainer leads to faster and more effective results for people of all ages and fitness levels. Why is it hard to find the best personal trainers? Well, it is like finding a good doctor, they are a solution to your need to get in the physical shape that you need to be in. We’ Listed the best personal trainer in the Fort Lauderdale & Boca Raton area based of client results and satisfaction.  Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Lighthouse Point, and Pompano Beach


# 1 Best Rated Personal Trainer in Fort Lauderdale: Danny Jenkins

Danny Jenkins is more than an accomplished personal trainer, he is an expert in rapid results for clients of all ages and fitness levels.

Danny customizes a fitness program for each of his clients to jumpstart their path to success. This includes personal training, adjustments with nutrition, and other adjustments in day to day activity. This program will be suited to your needs. Whether your goals are to lose weight, build muscle, or maintain health, your program will be unique to your goals. Contact us and we will have Danny call you within 24 hours with an appointment. You can also call direct at 954-658-7500 for a fitness assessment and complementary training session!

Real People, Real Results

Are you tired of disappointing weight loss fads, diet pills, crash diets, and ‘fat melting machines’? The reality is that these techniques just don’t work. Danny has a track record of real people getting real results. He can show you something that works. Get your no cost, risk free fitness assessment and training session, so you can see for yourself. Contact Danny now and experience why our clients are seeing rapid results. Finally, you can reach your dreams and have the body you always desired. subscribers recieve 20% off of your personal training purchase. Please Subscribe. Do not forget to ask about your no-cost fitness assessment and trial personal training session.


Why Danny’s Training Works


  • Program is designed to provide real results because it is based on scientifically proven methods to reach your specific goals. This program includes details in training techniques, lifestyle changes, and nutritional changes.
  • Fitness training program, nutrition, and lifestyles recommendations are unique with each client. There are no “one size fits all” programs. Most trainers have clients perform diets and exercises that they like best, but it is more important to consider the unique differences in each person’s body and desired results.
  • Training programs that evolve with your body. As your fitness level increases and you start to see you results, your training program will adjust to ensure that you continue to see results.
  • Training programs are designed to avoid injury risk. This is done by emphasizing importance of proper form, warm-up, cool-down, stretching, and proper rest between workouts.


  • In home training. Danny can meet with you to train you in your home.
  • Training in the facility. Danny trains in clients in Lighthouse Point Gym.
  • Serving areas: Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, and Boca Raton Florida.

Danny’s Specialties

  • Accelerated weight loss
  • Muscle Toning and sculping
  • Sports Training
  • Building Muscle
  • Increasing strength

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